Short slide show about NEST

Tuesday,29 April , 2008


Here are some slides about current NEST idea nest-slides

This material is done for seminar at (JAMK Purpose of slide show is give a example of using NEST as test management platform for software project.


NEST as a learning platform?

Wednesday,23 April , 2008

In my graduation work I am doing research of using NEST 1.1 as training purpose. I have been keeping course of Software testing at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

I hope I can deliver material about issues around NEST as training platform later…

What is NEST ?

Tuesday,22 April , 2008

About domains in project platform

Tuesday,22 April , 2008

There is several domain areas in current platform…

NEST 1.1 Project Platform

Tuesday,22 April , 2008

About NEST 1.1 Project Platform

I have been working with idea of building total open source project platform, which have all needed components to run a big software/hardware project in net..

I was at seminar at Jyväskylä keeping a small “show” about my vision )

(Iam sorry but all content is in Finnish)

I will be doing now my graduation work… It will take all my time now (

I will give more info when I have some time )

About my project….

Tuesday,22 April , 2008