Forum has opened!

Wednesday,25 June , 2008

Now you can use forum also for discuss 🙂

You will find it here NEST 1.1 Forum


First NEST 1.1 demo movie

Wednesday,25 June , 2008

I have created test movie for NEST as a demo…

But it looks quite awful 😦

Look at Media files for NEST

Another Thesis Work Released!

Tuesday,24 June , 2008

My friend and workmate Project Manager Kai Perala has also released his thesis work “Nest 1.1 – open source solution for project management” progradunest11-kaiperala

Thesis works are done at University of Jyväskylä


This is only in Finnish 😦

Abstract here:

Project management is a challenging area, where success is dependent also on the tools. There are numerous software applications in the market to fill only the needs of certain fields of project management and thus they do not provide functionality to handle entire project management. NEST is an environment developed with support Ixonos PLC that gathers together a bunch of open source tools and pursues to use them to create a solution for the needs of project management. This thesis concentrates on exploring of the weaknesses in Nest in relation to the needs of different fields of project management and finding guidelines for the further development of the system.

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Tuesday,17 June , 2008

Thesis work released :)

Tuesday,17 June , 2008

At last my thesis work has been sent to supervisors 🙂


I am sorry it’s only in Finnish 😦


The thesis work observes web based working environment called NEST 1.1. It has been developed to support software development and also training purposes. The study was done with action research method. There were 20 students from Jyväskylä School of Polytechnicnics participating on the study. The students were using several software development tools in NEST platform during the course at the school. The development tools like wiki, version control and defect databases were installed and integrated together as a working environment. As the main demands for the NEST platform it should be suitable for manage software projects and also for training purposes. Evaluation of NEST platform was done from aspect of training purpose. Research material was analysed by using pre-defined criterias. In the future defined criterias should be able to use in evaluation of new versions of NEST platform.