NEST 1.2 with FOSWIKI !

Tuesday,31 March , 2009

I am working currently with upgrades needed for   FOSWIKI to used as core for NEST Project Platform! I hope I can get it running smoothly during this spring 🙂 There is no too much time because of work….

FOSWIKI installation has been running already quite well, but there is several plugins which I should first deliver to FOSWIKI community.  I am not a coder, but I hope I can do pre-testing and some small code changes to deliver draft version of plugins to


3 Responses to “NEST 1.2 with FOSWIKI !”

  1. hieuletrung said

    I’ve heard lots of info on NEST but I can’t find the place to download it. Could you please provide me one?

  2. narsman said

    Thank you for interest!

    I would like to share image, but I don’t have currently server capacity. I hope I will find a way which is cheap but acceptable. This solution should provide also possible to run demo server for internet use.


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