Vision of automation test platform?

Tuesday,13 October , 2009



Several months ago I got a idea to use NEST as foundation for test automation platform.

There is several interesting projects going on which could be part of my “silver bullet solution” 🙂 I will describe this “solution” later

Testlink API

dbfacade rpc-api


About NEST Project Platform usage…

Tuesday,13 October , 2009

Last couple years I have been using NEST Project Platform as training environment. Now days it has been working quite nice from my point of view 🙂 There is still lot for pit and holes but I can live with them. From student point of view there is lot of issues which can be very annoying.

-Linking and moving around environment is not so simple

-There is no user guide!!!

-Diffrent tools are having different styles/themes

That’s why I would like to do better “User Guide for Nest Environment” I hope we can get at last some place for training movies.

IFDK_MindmapI have started a  Software testing course at JAMK. This course is running on NEST Project Platform 1.2 pre-release version as a real life test.

Targets for several student teams in course are listed below:

-Do “simple” consept design and Requirement model around “Virtual” project IFDK (Internal Flame Drum Kit)

-Requirement model is used as reference for testing topics like (System testing, Integration testing and unit testing)

– All testing is done in context of Android SDK if possible.