Welcome to seminar !

Monday,29 March , 2010

Sorry only in Finnish:)

Description at COSS:in pages http://www.coss.fi/events/ict-seminaari-digitaalinen-suomi



Slide set about NEST Platform

Wednesday,17 March , 2010

New Slides for NEST Ideology 🙂

Here is a simple slide set about current status on NEST Project Platform 1.2

New main screen drafting….

Wednesday,17 March , 2010


I has been long time until I got at last time to update my blog…

I has happened quite a lot lately.

-NEST Project Platform 1.2 has release (as internal release)

-Testing course at JAMK has been kept at last with good results

-NEST 1.3 development has started several weeks ago

Work in progress…. –>NEST 1.3

Wednesday,17 March , 2010