Several months ago I got a idea to use NEST as foundation for test automation platform.

There is several interesting projects going on which could be part of my “silver bullet solution” 🙂 I will describe this “solution” later

Testlink API

dbfacade rpc-api



About NEST Project Platform usage…

Tuesday,13 October , 2009

Last couple years I have been using NEST Project Platform as training environment. Now days it has been working quite nice from my point of view 🙂 There is still lot for pit and holes but I can live with them. From student point of view there is lot of issues which can be very annoying.

-Linking and moving around environment is not so simple

-There is no user guide!!!

-Diffrent tools are having different styles/themes

That’s why I would like to do better “User Guide for Nest Environment” I hope we can get at last some place for training movies.

IFDK_MindmapI have started a  Software testing course at JAMK. This course is running on NEST Project Platform 1.2 pre-release version as a real life test.

Targets for several student teams in course are listed below:

-Do “simple” consept design and Requirement model around “Virtual” project IFDK (Internal Flame Drum Kit)

-Requirement model is used as reference for testing topics like (System testing, Integration testing and unit testing)

– All testing is done in context of Android SDK if possible.

Wednesday,26 August , 2009


Almost ready 🙂

Ubuntu 9.04 rocks! ?

Thursday,14 May , 2009

Yes! I have noticed Ubuntu has gain a quantum leap in couple years.. I have really consider to move NEST to ubuntu platform.

I will try to move my tool set for Ubuntu server… This will take some time… There is some difference with Red Hat and Debian 🙂

I thinki NEST Project Platform 1.2 release will be running on ubuntu..

Today I found some important links (Those links provides evidence that I am not only one who is trying to do tool integration….

Read for Martin Heller’s comments for “Do online development workspaces make sense?”

There is several competitioners 🙂

Assembla, Elementool, RallyDev, and ProjectLocker!!

argh 🙂

NEST 1.2 with FOSWIKI !

Tuesday,31 March , 2009

I am working currently with upgrades needed for   FOSWIKI to used as core for NEST Project Platform! I hope I can get it running smoothly during this spring 🙂 There is no too much time because of work….

FOSWIKI installation has been running already quite well, but there is several plugins which I should first deliver to FOSWIKI community.  I am not a coder, but I hope I can do pre-testing and some small code changes to deliver draft version of plugins to

Now course is running 🙂

Thanks for good IT-infrastructure of JAMK there was no problems to run NEST on training situation.

Next thursday we will continue course and issues will be “Knowledge engineering” and “Requirement Engineering” as simple way…

Thursday,22 January , 2009


iio90800  Software testing Course starting at JAMK


Interesting TRAC mod for SCRUM method

Thursday,8 January , 2009

You should look at this “mod” project. I have been testing is as a part of NEST Platform. It’s a quite interesting and looking also good 🙂 TRAC can be now used has much more efficient in SCRUM teams work.